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Dessa publikationer täcker ämnena projektledning, Business Analysis, Program- och portföljstyrning, Affärsmannaskap, Kontraktshantering, Organisationsförbättring, Ledarskap och kommunikation samt Projektkontor (PMO).

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Topp 10-listan över projektledningstrenderna för år 2016
Datum: januari 2016
Sammanfattning: Läs trendrapporten för år 2016 för mer information om projektledaryrkets utveckling.
Topp 10-listan över projektledningstrenderna för år 2015
Datum: januari 2015
Sammanfattning: Ta del av vår trendrapport för år 2015 för mer information om projektledaryrkets utveckling.
Hur projektledare bör hantera krav
Datum: april 2014
Sammanfattning: Utan effektiv planering, kommunikation och testning i början av utvecklingsprocessen blir projektgrupperna sårbara för kravdefekter, och kan därför komma att upptäcka problemen när de redan är på försöksstadiet.
De 10 Främsta Projektledningstrenderna för 2014
Datum: januari 2014
Sammanfattning: TwentyEighty Strategy Executions 10 främsta trender inom projektledning belyser behovet av ledarskap i projekten, oavsett om det gäller agil projekteldning eller traditionell vattenfall. Här diskuteras också de utmaningar som är förknippade med att hitta kvalifi cerade projektledare, och att hitta rätt balans mellan PM-metoder inom denna framväxande bransch.
Klockan tickar för projektledarbomben
Datum: september 2013
Sammanfattning: Nästa våg av ekonomisk tillväxt kommer sannolikt att komma från nya marknader och projekt. För att kunna dra nytta av dessa måste företagen få bättre kunskaper och processer för projektledning – idag!
Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2013
Datum: januari 2013
Sammanfattning: Project, programme, and portfolio leadership is in short supply as organisations struggle to implement Agile methods, complete large projects, manage vendors, and create more value through their project management offices (PMOs). Leadership is one of the key themes throughout many of the 2013 top 10 trends for project management, which were identified by a global panel of TwentyEighty Strategy Execution senior executives and subject matter experts.
Seven Steps to Becoming a Risk Superhero
Datum: september 2012
Sammanfattning: Risk management can be a deep, cavernous and potentially career-limiting endeavour if not properly planned. Unfortunately, project managers often approach risk in a purely one dimensional fashion, without considering many essential components such as the company risk climate, the project’s strategic fit, key player and stakeholder involvement and buy-in. The strategic due-diligence steps which are highlighted in this article will enable an informed, educated and timely approach to risk and position you as a company Risk Superhero.
Training ROI : Are you on the verge of losing your budget?
Datum: september 2012
Sammanfattning: It is the responsibility of a learning professional to build and improve talents and help transform the organisation. Learning programmes are essential in all organisations and most of these programmes have always been dependent on return on investment (ROI). This whitepaper looks at how to calculate ROI and how it should be incorporated into your programme.
10 Tips to Measure Training ROI
Datum: september 2012
Sammanfattning: If you can’t prove a return on your training programme – real learning that is adopted and applied -- then you run the risk of having it cut back or even losing it. You may think that measuring ROI is hard. However, if you follow these fast, hard rules, you’ll be on your way to proving your learning programme has measurable impact.
Victim or Victor - Taking Control as a Project Manager
Datum: augusti 2012
Sammanfattning: This article looks at how the PMO needs to help the project managers prepare themselves to deal with an increasingly challenging environment. It presents the “empowering tools” which, if correctly applied, provide the project manager with the knowledge and authority to take control of the project. The skill in applying tools depends not only on technical ability but, increasingly, on the human and interpersonal aspects of any situation. For this reason, the companion set of “enabling skills” (sometimes called “soft skills”) that are required for effective delivery is defined and described in this article.
Åtta tillfällen då e-post inte bör användas i projektledning
Datum: december 2011
Sammanfattning: När upptagna projektledare hanterar sina värdefulla personliga scheman och projektplaner letar de efter olika sätt att spara tid och pengar. Behovet att göra detta förstärks av de ekonomiska förutsättningar som vi har idag. Ett lockande mål för tids- och kostnadsbesparingar är kommunikation, som utgör en stor del av varje framgångsrik projektledares ansvar.
Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2011 from TwentyEighty Strategy Execution
Datum: januari 2011
Sammanfattning: TwentyEighty Strategy Execution revealed their Top 10 Global Project Management Trends for 2011. As project management gains momentum within organisations, any changes in the industry will have a massive impact upon the way businesses operate in 2011. Key themes include building the project manager's (PM) influence, accelerating new leadership and communication skills, and increased use of informal learning approaches such as social media and experiential training. A global panel of consultants and senior executives assembled by TwentyEighty Strategy Execution identified the trends.
Metrics for Agile Projects - Finding the Right Tools for the Job
Datum: januari 2011
Sammanfattning: This informative paper will provide best practices project managers should use to expand the use of the metrics at their disposal to fine-tune the progress they are showing on their agile projects.
Agile Project Management Is Not Just a Change in Methods - It is a Shift in Metrics and Mindset
Datum: januari 2011
Sammanfattning: As the Agile Project Management approach becomes more mainstream, organisations considering its implementation are deluged with questions.
Successful Solutions Through Agile Project Management
Datum: november 2010
Sammanfattning: Today's business climate is both dynamic and complex. Management faces changing requirements and increasing demands, as well as tight budgets and fast turnaround demands. Organisations are struggling to do more with less — fewer resources, including less money, and, in many cases a reduced workforce. Therefore, it is essential to optimise every aspect of business, particularly project management.
Is Project Management a Core Skill and No Longer a Niche Capability?
Datum: oktober 2010
Sammanfattning: Project management is fast becoming the preferred way for companies to get things done. In a global economy, project management makes a company more competitive than other traditional methods of managing work.
Think of Risk Management as Competitive Advantage
Datum: mars 2010
Sammanfattning: Whether buying or selling outsourced products or services, organisations cannot afford not to have a risk management plan in place.
Getting Energised About Risk
Datum: september 2009
Sammanfattning: The real issue is not how to get rid of risk, but rather how to manage it. And, although that takes a lot of time and energy, perhaps new perspectives can be gained if risk is looked at from a project life cycle perspective.
Comparing the Differences and Complementary features of PRINCE2 and the PMI PMBOK Guide
Datum: september 2009
Sammanfattning: PRINCE2 is the UK Government's structured project management method. PMI stands for the Project Management Institute producing guidance on project management documented in the 'Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge' - hence the PMI PMBOK Guide
Recognising Project Warning Signs Part 2
Datum: juni 2009
Sammanfattning: Recognising and recovering troubled projects is currently one of the hottest subjects in project management circles. But wouldn't it be great if you could predict the future by recognising project warning signs before...
Recognising Project Warning Signs
Datum: juni 2009
Sammanfattning: We see warning signs every day, such as “Wet paint” or “Road Ends in Water.” Such signs are common reminders to be careful. The earlier we heed their advice, the better off we'll be because time is a resource when ...
Enterprise Analysis - Building a Foundation from the Top Down
Datum: mars 2009
Sammanfattning: Keep the pace and reap the benefits - examine the step-by-step process of identifying and analysing potential solutions to business needs.
The Change Management Life Cycle
Datum: oktober 2008
Sammanfattning: Every organisation is affected by change. Still, organisational change initiatives fail at an alarming rate. This is because most initiatives fail to consider how changes affect the people in an organisation.


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